Using ANSYS for EA Volumes I.II -

Using ANSYS for EA Volumes I.II

Using ANSYS for EA Volumes I.II - Over the past two decades, the use of the finite element method as a design tool has grown rapidly. Easy-to-use commercial software, such as ANSYS, has become a common tool in the hands of students as well as practicing engineers

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate the use of one of the most commonly used Finite Element Analysis software, ANSYS, for linear, dynamic and thermal static analysis through a series of tutorials and examples.

Some of the topics covered in this tutorial include beam development, frames, and Grid Equations; 2-D elasticity problems; dynamic analysis; composites, and the heat transfer problem. This simple but basic tutorial is expected to help users with a better understanding of finite element modeling, how to control modeling errors, and the use of FEM in designing complex load-bearing components and structures.

This tutorial will complement the course in basic finite elements or can be used by practicing engineers who may not have advanced training in finite element analysis.

Using ANSYS for EA Volumes I.II

Author Wael A. Altabey Mohammad Noori, Libin Wang - Language English - Pages 210+240 - Publisher Momentum Press, 2018 - File Format PDF - ISBN-13: 978-1-94708-320-2 &  ISBN-13: 978-1-94708-322-6 File Size 28 + 34 MB
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