Download CSoft PlanTracer Pro.v8.0.3016 -

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Download CSoft PlanTracer Pro.v8.0.3016

Download CSoft PlanTracer Pro.v8.0.3016 - The flagship product of this series is a professional tool for cadastral engineers designed to create technical plans and boundaries for all kinds of cadastral registration objects.

The document is created in text format for printing and in electronic format * .xml fits perfectly into the xml scheme and Rosreestr requirements. Supports automatic creation of loading and unloading packages with electronic signatures for transfer to AIS GKN.

This program allows you to perform cadastral work to calculate objects of any complexity and volume, such as a multi-circuit complex or an additional object consisting of hundreds of contours and several thousand characteristic points.

This software product will not only easily generate the required documents, but will also help you avoid mistakes. The graphic editor includes unique functionality for working with floor plans, situational plans and linear network plans, as well as tools for processing and recognizing scanned images.

CSoft PlanTracer Pro.v8.0.3016

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