Download SCAD Office v21.1 x64 + Crack -

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Download SCAD Office v21.1 x64 + Crack

Download SCAD Office v21.1 x64 + Crack - SCAD Office is a new generation system developed by engineers for engineers and implemented by a team of experienced programmers. The system includes a high-performance computational complex SCAD, as well as a number of design and ancillary programs that make it possible to comprehensively solve the calculation and design problems of steel and reinforced concrete structures.

The system is constantly evolving, the user interface and computing capabilities are improved, and new design components are included. SCAD offices are certified for compliance with GOST R ISO / IEC 9126-93, GOST 28195-89, GOST R ISO 9127-94, RD 50-34.698- 90

SCAD Office v21.1 x64

Compliance with the SNiP is confirmed by a certificate of the Russian State Development Committee.
SCAD - computer complex for structural strength analysis by the finite element method
KRISTALL - calculation of the elements of a steel structure
ARBAT - selection of reinforcement and inspection of reinforced concrete structural elements
FIREPLACE - calculation of masonry and reinforced stone structures
DECOR - calculation of wooden structures
DEMAND - calculation of basic and foundation elements
SPEED - Slope and Slope Stability Analysis
VEST - load calculation based on SNiP "Load and Impact" and DBN
COMET, COMET-2 - calculation and design of steel structure assemblies
CROSS - calculation of seam coefficients for buildings and structures on elastic foundations
SECTION DESIGNER - forms and calculates the geometric characteristics of the part of the rolled profile and sheet
CONSUL - construction of arbitrary sections and calculation of their geometric characteristics based on solid rod theory
TONUS - construction of arbitrary sections and calculation of their geometric characteristics based on the theory of thin-walled rods
SAME - find equal sections
CoCon - Guide to stress concentration factors and stress intensity factors
KUST - design designer's theoretical reference book

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