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Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Dynamic Analysis of Structures - Dynamic Structural Analysis reflects the application of the latest Structural dynamics theory to produce a more optimal and economical structural design. Written by an author with over 37 years of research, teaching and writing experience, this reference introduces the concept of complex structural dynamics in an easy-to-use manner.

The author includes carefully worked examples that are solved using the newer numerical methods. These examples pave the way for more accurately simulating the behavior of different types of structures. Important topics covered include the principles of structural dynamics as they apply to particles, rigid and deformable bodies, thus allowing the formulation of equations for the motion of any structure.

Covers the tools and techniques necessary to build realistic modeling of actual structures under dynamic loads.
Provides a method for formulating equations of motion for any structure, however complex, once the dynamic model has been adopted.
Provides carefully worked examples that are solved using the latest numerical methods.
Includes simple computer algorithms for numerical solutions of equations of motion and coded in FORTRAN and MATLAB respectively.

Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Author Jhon T.K - Language English - Pages 755 - Publisher Elsevier, 2020 - File Format PDF - ISBN: 978-0-12-818643-5 File Size 26.7 MB
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