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Friday, January 01, 2021

GIS Expert Solutions SmartExporter DXF 2019

GIS Expert Solutions SmartExporter DXF 2019 Seamless integration in ArcGIS / ArcMap - adding DXF export filters which are easily accessible via the ArcMap export dialog.
- Creates well-formatted DXF files that can be opened or imported in most CAD, GIS and drawing packages.
- Complete support for all native ArcMap geo types, labels, layout elements, etc.
Export in paper and map coordinates with intelligent coordinate transformation and map rotation handling and without losing precision.
- AutoCAD DXF layers are used to separate exported objects into logical groups (e.g. data layers by name, labels, grids and graticules, etc.)

SmartExporter DXF 2019

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"it is not recommended to use pirated software, use the original software from the provider to avoid unwanted things" by admin iamtechniques

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