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Handbook of Engineering Practice of Materials and Corrosion

Handbook of Engineering Practice of Materials and Corrosion - The main purpose of this handbook is to suggest effective engineering data based on requirements in several industry codes, standards, regulations, specifications and regulations, such as ASME, ASTM, API, ANSI, AWS, NACE, MSS, NFPA, TEMA, PIP, NBIC, OSHA.

Other American standards, CSAs, and foreign standards include requirements and recommendations typical in company / project specifications. One of its main purposes is to introduce practical references for checklists as well as more detailed engineering work in one location and provide the following:

Standards, guidelines and scope of applications typically used by projects that are not covered by industry codes and standards;
Engineering practice and experience for code and standard boundaries;
Technical advice and test results from journals and papers with new technologies;
Case studies and various reference sources;
Correct recognition and effective specification deviation through various comparisons.

All information in industry codes and standards is based on the current version unless otherwise specified and except for some foreign standards. All mechanical data shown in this book are for reference only. Therefore, for detailed engineering of mechanical design, it is advisable to find applicable codes and standards according to project requirements and / or process conditions.

Most codes and standards have a section for reference standards associated with themselves. In some cases the reference standard may indicate an outdated version. Unit conversions in this book come from conversion calculations or directly from each code and standard.

Therefore, some values ​​converted between codes and similar standards may not show the same numbers in this book because codes and standards committees have pursued unit conversion with their own rounding system.

Many tables and figures are quoted directly from codes and standards; However, some commentary notes based on the author's experience and lessons learned are added as footnotes under tables and figures to optimize engineering work, promote the successful use of the full content, minimize errors and errors, and suggest for the next version: when. All of the. (paragraph), Fig. (images), and tables are based on this book unless the code or standard is directly quoted.

Handbook of Engineering Practice of Materials and Corrosion

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