New Materials in Civil Engineering -

New Materials in Civil Engineering

New Materials in Civil Engineering - New Materials in Civil Engineering provide engineers and scientists with the tools and methods they need to meet the challenges of designing and building more resilient and sustainable infrastructure.

This book is a valuable guide to advanced properties, selection criteria, products, applications, life cycles and recycling of materials. It provides an A-to-Z approach for all material types, highlighting key performance properties, key characteristics, and applications.

Traditional materials covered include concrete, soil, steel, wood, fly ash, geosynthetics, fiber reinforced concrete, smart materials, carbon fiber and reinforced polymer. In addition, the book covers nanotechnology and biotechnology in the development of new materials.

New Materials in Civil Engineering

Author Pijush Samui,Dookie Kim - Language English - Pages 1082 - Publisher Elsevier, 2020 - File Format PDF - ISBN: 978-0-12-818961-0 File Size 173.5 MB
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