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Download FEA LUSAS v19

Download FEA LUSAS v19 LUSAS is a trading name of Finite Element Analysis Ltd., - a specialist engineering analysis software developer based in the UK. The software product, based on the LUSAS finite element system, provides accurate solutions for all kinds of linear and nonlinear, dynamic and thermal / field stress analysis problems.

The LUSAS software is available in 4 commercial application products:
- LUSAS Bridge - for bridge engineering analysis, design and assessment.
- LUSAS Civil & Structural - for civil, structural, nuclear, seismic, geotechnical and offshore engineering.
- LUSAS analyst - for automotive, aerospace, defense, manufacturing and general engineering analysis.
- LUSAS Composite - for engineers designing composite products or components.


The software product can be configured with various levels and software options to extend the finite element capabilities of this product to meet your needs, all of which are fully integrated and can be easily upgraded.

LUSAS Academic is only to be used by educational institutions for teaching and research purposes. By using the provided software protection software and license key, the full license version allows access to any commercial LUSAS product, and access to most of the LUSAS analysis software options, without limitation on model size

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