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Download Leica Infinity v3.2.1

Download Leica Infinity v3.2.1 Leica Geosystems Intuitive Office Software Replaces the current Leica Geo Office Surveying requires the ability to flexibly and quickly process field data and office information on the go and transfer it.

Today, more than ever, one Workflow is required for all projects. To meet this need, Leica Infinity was developed: an intelligent, user-friendly software platform with an intelligent information architecture that opens up endless possibilities for customizing workflows. The result is increased efficiency, transparency, and simple improvements to the overall shooting process.

Leica Infinity will perform complex processing of different types of data for your project: TPS, GNSS, images, scans. Various data formats can be easily edited, archived and exported to CAD applications (design systems) without losing integrity and "fighting" the difficulties often encountered during conversion. This applies not only to data from different types of instruments, but also to data from different sites and from survey teams.

Leica Infinity v3.2

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