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Avenza Geographic Imager v5.2.1 x64 Free Download Full Version

Avenza Geographic Imager v5.2.1 x64 Free Download Full Version - Avenza Systems, is a developer of systems for preparing GIS maps for publication (MAPublisher) in Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand environments, as well as the MAPdataUSA and MAPdataWorld databases,

Avenza announced the release of a new version of the Geographic Imager extension, which is designed to complement this powerful graphics system with the ability to work with geospatial data. The new extension contains new tools to support import/export of GIS data, space images and their editing, which will allow you to fully use all the functions of Adobe Photoshop for working with graphics.

With the help of the Geographic Imager in the Adobe Photoshop environment, operations with GeoTIFFs (raster format) and other georeferenced image formats, automatic mosaics, transformations to other projections based on control points will be available.

The new version of the plug-in provides more complete support for Adobe Photoshop system formats with access to new tools for importing and editing export of geospatial data, including aerospace images.

In addition, the new version supports working with all the functions of Adobe Photoshop, such as, for example, cropping graphic fragments, adjusting the transparency level of its elements, editing pixels, and controlling contrast and brightness.

Avenza Geographic Imager v5.2.1.x64

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Avenza Geographic Imager v5.2.1.x64 
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