Deswik CAD 2021.2.482 Full Version -

Deswik CAD 2021.2.482 Full Version

Deswik CAD 2021.2.482 Full Version  - Deswik.CAD is designed by mining engineers to support mining operations, effectively with various spatial database support tools, Deswik.CAD combines the visual power of modern CAD software with efficient data management of a full-featured database. Of course this gives you the ability to visualize, analyze and report your data as needed.
Deswik CAD 2021.2.482

Designed as a full-featured CAD platform, Deswik.CAD is a powerful general design tool and the foundation that connects our broad suite of mine design tools, and is developed for specific applications across all mining sectors.
Deswik CAD 2019.4.355

Given its design and integration capabilities Deswik.CAD drives mining efficiency globally. The Deswik CAD bundle includes several full-featured modules to support mining activities as follows:
1. Deswik.CAD
Modeling Design & Solid Modeling A robust design platform with superior data handling – the next generation of mining planning tools.
2. Deswik.AdvSurvey
Advanced Survey Fast and efficient point cloud handling.
3. Deswik.Agg
Aggregates coal seams and simplifies complex aggregation processes to create a purposeful Run-of-Mine backup.
4. Deswik.ASD
Auto Stope Designer Create mineable mines automatically for narrow vein vertical mining method.
5. Deswik.DD
Dragline & Dozer Part Designer Automatic dragline section design tool with direct integration into Deswik mine designs, scheduling and data management tools.
6. Deswik.DO
Excavation Optimizer Optimal excavation line design for class control open pit mines.
7. Deswik.OPDB
Open Hole Drill & Blast, a fast and efficient drill and blast design for surface mining methods.
8. Deswik.SO
The Stope Optimizer optimizes underground stope shapes using the latest industry-leading versions.
9. Deswik.UGDB
Underground Drill & Blast, a fast and efficient drill and blast design for underground mining methods.
10. Deswik.Schedule
Gantt Chart Scheduling, a powerful Gantt chart scheduler was specifically designed to handle my planning challenges.
11. Deswik.OPS
Planning and Control Operations, short term planning and shift collaborative execution tools to monitor and manage compliance with plans.
12. Deswik.Blend
Material Flow Modeling Optimize your product value with material flow modeling for coal and metals.
13. Deswik.SOT
The Schedule Optimization Tool realizes more value from your resources with an NPV optimized schedule.
14. Deswik.IS
Interactive Scheduler bridges the planning gap between designing and scheduling.
15. Deswik.LHS
Landforms & Freight, understand material movement like never before with scenario-based modeling and analysis.
16. Deswik.OPSTS
Open Pit Short Term Scheduling, Short range ore control modeling and design tools.
17. Deswik.MDM
Mining Data Management, Spatial database and workflow process management tools.
18. Deswik.Mapping
Mapping app, do geological mapping on the go.
19. Deswik Advanced Module
Advanced functionality tailored to the specific, specific demands of the mining sector  
Deswik CAD 2021.2
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