Download Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1 -

Download Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1

Download Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1 - Quoted from the official Maptek Vulcan source here, that Maptek recently launched MaVulcan 12 and Workbench 3 along with the new Maptek Account communication and licensing platform.
Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1
Menu Coal Washability
Includes a modern interface for easier setup and operation, new ways of interacting with data and database formatting. Users can optimize products rather than simple factors such as tonnage, and generate grid models that can be brought to Maptek Evolution for scheduling.
Geologists can now define hard boundaries when setting up aggregation routines, saving a lot of time producing results. Specifying the breakpoint of the aggregation, without also being excluded from the final model, reduces the need to run the ROM process multiple times and aggregate the results.

Advanced Reserves Weight by Yield
Based on Results can be used on any site with variable recovery. Backup reports can be run directly from the model without the need for Excel manipulation.

Drillhole Assistant
Allows direct editing of borehole survey information. The sample database can now be loaded directly into Vulcan using drag-and-drop.

Vulcan has been upgraded with Global Kriging (simple and plain) and Multi-Gaussian simulation options.

Vulcan Data Analyzer
Includes box plots, log normal probability plots, correlation and covariance matrices, in addition to full 3D fan variography, back transforms and interface enhancements.
Designed as a full-featured CAD platform, Deswik.CAD is a powerful general design tool and the foundation that connects our broad suite of mine design tools, and was developed for specific applications across all mining sectors.
Mining Block Generation
Block mining saves time with a simple and iterative approach to preparing mining blocks for scheduling with Evolution. The Vulcan 12 includes support for projects with multiple holes or separate hole shapes and automates linking to solids, such as tonnage or grade.

The new triangulation tool allows users to expand solids or surfaces to interrogate exclusion zones and areas of influence for risk assessment. Multiple surfaces or solids can be used to automatically update or adjust the topographic surface or hole shell.

Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1
Pit Splitters
Break some seams and benches into blocks to match the mine design. Improvements include the ability to handle horizontal benches and easier information preparation for scheduling.

The new Compliance tool enables mine planners to quickly generate end-of-period reconciliation reports with minimal post-processing.

Variable Mining Width
Allows the user to define different splitting and mining thicknesses for different layers. Final model customization without multiple ROM runs saves time.

Interactive Block Planner
Simplify workflows for scheduling, short and medium term planning. Sending backups directly to Excel files increases speed and flexibility. Planners can run different iterations of the schedule and quickly see the results.

Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1

For those of you who want to have Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1 software, you can contact the official vendor Maptek Vulcan 12.0.1. "Remember....! avoid using pirated software"
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