Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0 New Update -

Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0 New Update

Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0 New Update - Maptek Vulcan is the world's leading 3D mining software solution. Vulcan users can validate and convert mining data into dynamic 3D models, accurate mine designs and operational plans.

Packages are available for each specific mining scenario and can be customized with different modules for all stages of the mine life cycle, making it a total solution for mining companies worldwide. Here are some modules that you can get if you use this software:
Vulcan Explorer
Vulcan Explorer provides an interactive 3D visualization and modeling environment for testing and validating exploratory models. 3D triangular block and surface models created with Vulcan Modeller, GeoModeller, or MineModeller can be viewed and graded.

Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0

The Vulcan GeoModeller is ideal for creating geological, structural and grade/quality models for stratigraphic and non-stratigraphic applications. It can also be used for geological modeling, facial mapping, statistical analysis and initial resource calculations.
Vulcan GeoStatModeller is a complete configuration for performing geostatistical analysis to model and accurately define geological resources. Tools for variogram and class estimation add to grid and block modeling, geology and plots.

Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit provides mining engineers with tools to design, evaluate and maintain mine operations. Modeled surfaces, design lines, and volumes can be easily updated with the latest data to generate daily production reports, and to develop strategic designs.

Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0

MineModeller Underground
Vulcan MineModeller Underground allows engineers to design and maintain daily underground mine operations and make long term plans. Users can generate optimised designs for different mining scenarios, evaluating and comparing results

Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0

Vulcan Modeller provides CAD, 3D visualization, and modeling tools for creating, reviewing, and sharing models. Options for triangulation, grid mesh modeling, and contouring enhance understanding of terrain, geological, mining, and engineering scenarios.

Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0
Vulcan Surveyor allows collected survey data to be imported into Vulcan for efficient review, manipulation and updating. Direct communication with survey technology reduces errors that may occur during file transfers. Allows volume counting and 3D drive creation.
Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0

Mine Maesurement
Mine Measurement 3D laser survey technology combines remote laser scanning hardware with 3D modeling and processing software. Applications include pit and underground surveys, stockpile calculations, silo surveys and highwall geological mapping.
Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0
BlastLogic is a blast accuracy management system that simplifies the open blast and drilling process to improve mineral recovery. Interactive tools for validating and refining designs allow for direct adjustments to designs for continuous improvement of processes.
Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0

Evolution is a strategic and tactical mine planning and optimization tool that produces a holistic, mid-term, long-term mine schedule. Cut-off grade techniques and integrated haulage optimization maximize the value of your project and reduce operating costs.

Maptek Vulcan 2021.4.0
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