Deswik GO 2021.2.340 New Update -

Deswik GO 2021.2.340 New Update

Deswik GO 2021.2.340 New Update - Deswik GO is Deswik Suite supporting software which is specifically used to calculate mining costs. By using Deswik Go, you can avoid the time and effort of preparing several software packages to generate and evaluate strategic designs and schedules. One app, Deswik.GO accomplishes all of these tasks and reduces the risk of sub-optimal planning.

Deswik.GO 2021

Deswik.GO has a simple and easy-to-use interface that guides users through the workflow-based planning process. Powered by a breakthrough engine developed in partnership with Alicanto Labs of the University of Adolfo IbaƱez,
Deswik.GO 2021
Deswik.GO solves real-sized mining problems more efficiently. With functionality to perform fast multi-pit optimization using live block scheduling, phase generation using mathematical techniques, schedule optimization, objective optimization, and economic analysis using integrated reports.

Deswik.GO maximizes Net Present Value using mixed integer linear programming to find optimal solutions for operational mining, processing, and applied capital constraints. This means you can understand options and make better decisions about what to mine, when to mine, how to handle blocks from pit to waste or product, and how best to use capital in mining plans, for example, new pits or capacity increments.

Deswik.GO 2021.2.340

Deswik.GO integrates with existing Deswik tools to align planning horizons and enables accurate pit designs, tactical schedules and detailed reports for smoother and optimized results.

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