RockWare LogPlot 8 2022.1.31 New Update -

RockWare LogPlot 8 2022.1.31 New Update

RockWare LogPlot 8 2022.1.31 New Update - First developed in 1985 by RockWare Inc, RockWorks is used by the mining, petroleum and environmental industries for subsurface visualization, borehole database management as well as grid creation, solid models, volumetric analysis calculations, etc.

Computer modeling at RockWorks provides the means to customize mine, environmental, petroleum, and other plans based on end-user specifications. The basic strategy involves creating a borehole database that includes analysis results for various physical and chemical properties as a function of depth.

Once the database has been created, visualizations such as cross-sections, fence diagrams, and block diagrams are generated to check the validity and geological reasoning of the modeling. The next step could involve volumetric calculations and optimal pit design for example in a mine, based on a set of user defined parameters.

RockWare LogPlot 8 2022

The algorithms or methods used to create volumetric models have limitations that are acceptable for one type of deposit while being unsuitable for another. For example, sand and gravel deposits require a completely different approach from the methods used to evaluate phosphate reserves.

The best way to avoid abuse is to always compare the "slice" through the model with drilled blocks that show the original data. This cross-section is used to ensure the model "respects" the data. Equally important, the cross section should be evaluated to ensure the modeling conforms to the expected geology.

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