Download Isatis Neo v.2021.7 -

Download Isatis Neo v.2021.7

Download Isatis Neo v.2021.7 - Isatis.neo is a smart and powerful software solution in geostatistics. Featuring an intuitive user interface, it results from Geovariances' dual commitment to developing breakthrough technologies and making first-class geostatistics accessible to more users.

Isatis Neo v.2021.7

Designed for any business dealing with spatial data, Isatis.neo goes beyond the industry standard in geostatistics. The software enables comprehensive data analysis and visualization, produces high-quality maps and models, and allows you to perform extensive uncertainty and risk analyzes that optimize your decision-making process.

Isatis Neo v.2021.7

Available in Standard Edition, Isatis.neo is also offered in two special versions, Oil Edition and Mining Edition, to better meet the specific requirements of these two industries. In addition to business-oriented tools, each version offers preconfigured workflows for optimized ways to tackle classic but challenging problems:
– Mineral Resource Estimation including Ore Control and Reconciliation for Mining Edition,
– Time-to-Depth conversion with comprehensive uncertainty analysis for Petroleum Edition

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