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Leapfrog Geo 5.1.4 Full Version

Leapfrog Geo 5.1.4 Full Version - Leapfrog Geo is the leading 3D geological modeling software for the mining, exploration, groundwater pollution and geothermal energy industries. Leapfrog is a completely new way of processing, viewing and interpreting borehole data. Using Leapfrog software, you can instantly visualize mineralization patterns in 3D through an interactive processing environment.

Leapfrog Geo 5.1.4

Leapfrog is a product of analyst software developer ARANZ. This software is widely used by geologists (exploration) besides that there are also several products that are specifically made to deal with the mining industry, groundwater pollution, and geothermal energy.

New Update.
The Structural surface is a new method for building geologic contact surfaces within a geological model. As well as standard surface input data, structural surfaces can use non-contacting structural data to influence and guide the overall geometry. Bedding data from pit face-mapping, downhole measurements and surface mapping can be combined together with drilling lithology contact data and surface contact mapping.

Leapfrog Geo v4.0

Form interpolants 
Structural form interpolants combine bedding or foliation orientation data from pit face-mapping, downhole measurements and surface mapping to interpolate and visualise the form of the rock fabric of a region. Form interpolants may be visualised as isosurfaces or evaluated onto surfaces, points and block models.Isosurfaces of form interpolants may be dynamically applied to structural trends to control the anisotropy of grade models.
Leapfrog Geo v4.0
Leapfrog Geo 4.0_s interactive Stereonet tool provides the capability to interpret complex structural data sets through stereographic projection.  Save stereonets as part of a Leapfrog Geo project for quick recall, supporting any combination of mapped, downhole or declustered structural data. 

Several built-in visualisation options such as contouring and statistics provide the means to discover hidden trends, relationships and geological structures.  An interactive selection and categorisation workflow makes iit easy to classify distinct populations of measurements.  The selected regions and colourings are simultaneously linked with the 3D scene for a wider perspective.

Leapfrog Geo v4.0

New polyline 
This powerful new drawing tool supersedes the previous straight-segment and 2D curved line types. The Leapfrog Geo 4.0 polyline is a unified editing and interpretation tool, supporting full 3D drawing modes for curved and straight lines, as well as single points.  The tool has options to control the pitch of surfaces by adjusting a line_s ribbon orientation, or adding points with normals.  

Simple 2D lines can be drawn on the slice plane, and 3D curves can be drawn on any in-scene objects, such as topographic surfaces and  drillhole contacts.The new drawing tool is available anywhere linework is able to be drawn in a project.  

Also new to this version are refreshed custom line editors for GIS lines, vein boundaries and direct surface edits.  New import and export formats mean the new polyline is compatible with Leapfrog Mining as well as supporting smooth drag-and-drop transfer into Leapfrog projects

Leapfrog Geo v4.0

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