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HAULSIM 3.7 x64 New Update

HAULSIM 3.7 x64 New Update – For over 50 years RPMGlobal has been advancing mining with technological solutions that provide step change to accepted processes. Guided by the basic principles of mining expertise, innovation and sustainability, RPMGlobal strives to create safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations for our customers.
HAULSIM is a 3D Discrete Event Simulation (DES) software, which is specially created for modeling mine haulage systems. Well, to continue with the explanation, this software is also one of the products designed by RPMGlobal (Runge Pincock Minarco).
Apart from this software, there are also other simulation products that are no less important, see and read TALPAC, HAULNET, XPAC, XACT which are made with different functions. Apart from the software that I mentioned earlier, there is still another software bro…! is XERAS which is specially made for financial modeling simulation.
HAULSIM v3.5 x64

Structurally this software is also designed using the DES system, so that this software can model the interaction of equipment and infrastructure as well as the cycle route of the production unit. Haulsim is an industry-leading haulage simulation solution that has saved individual mining companies a huge investment in capital worldwide.

With a simple user interface and intuitive design, this software enables users to simulate current operations and future mine plans with complete confidence. 

HAULSIM v3.5 x64
Capital investment decisions can now be made with accuracy and an understanding of the total impact, as well as providing insight in determining long-term mine planning.

The features or advantages offered by this software:
- Road management rules including stop signs, one way, one lane and others
- Integrated software travel time engine
- Integrated load time calculation
- Infrastructure models such as crushing and hauling, stockpiles and ore passes
- Integration with RPM Based Commodity Scheduling Solution
- Model multiple sources and destinations simultaneously
- Simultaneous model of several types of equipment
- Quick calculations can be made in hours not months
- Intuitive user interface contains no scripts and gives direct feedback to users via 3D view

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