CYPE 2016 Multilingual Free Download -

CYPE 2016 Multilingual Free Download

CYPE 2016 Multilingual Free Download – CYPE is software that has a wide range of national and international codes available and applicable for analyzing, designing and checking concrete, steel, welding steel, steel structures, composites, aluminum and cold-shaped wood for gravity, wind, seismic and snow.

The CYPE Software contains the design codes used to analyze and design building services (water supply, wastewater, air conditioning, solar capture for hot water sanitation, lightning protection, lighting, gas, electricity and telecommunications), and for checking thermal and acoustic insulation , building energy certification and fire safety.

CYPE 2016

Programs conducting analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, with horizontal and vertical loads, for houses, buildings and civil works projects. Its use ensures optimal reliability of image analysis and design. Structural geometry can be introduced automatically. Users can personalize the design and edit elements that have been introduced, with on-screen support available: many help options and error text and warnings. Provides a picture of a very complete and precise construction structure. CYPECAD is aligned with the latest national and international construction codes.

Agile and efficient programs are brought to design a three-dimensional structure consisting of steel and wood rods, and the foundation, which includes base pedestals, pole caps and fastening straps and binding blocks. In addition, this can be redesigned to get the maximum optimization. It has been adapted to steel, wood, aluminum and national and international concrete codes. This program analyzes, designs and checks fire resistance to wood parts. Perform structural seismic analysis (Capital Spectral Analysis) according to national and international codes. Second-order effects (P-delta) are considered with wind and seismic loads.

The program can inspect the sheets with or without a shear transverse shear, taking into account the presence of openings or light zones on the slab, and supporting positions (internal, edges or corners). Punching shear verification is a program that checks the State Limit Failure of concrete to punch shear on flat sheets and waffles exposed to concentrated loads of square or circular support.

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