Deswik 2016.1.542 x64 Free Download -

Deswik 2016.1.542 x64 Free Download

Download Deswik 2016.1.542 x64 - Deswik Mining Consultants is an international company offering innovative mining and geological engineering services. We also produce advanced mine planning software by combining technical mining domain skills from each sector, with the latest programming skills and the latest software development technology.

The company was formed in 2008, by the founders of African Computer Mining Services Pty Ltd (ACMS) who initially developed the popular Mine2-4D mine planning software. Deswik is also involved in mineral processing, but part of this business has since been sold.

Deswik 2016.1.542 x64

Deswik.CAD has been designed by mining engineers with decades of professional software development experience and a history of proven mining applications. Programmed in the latest technology to take advantage of the high performance and advanced development of computing, Deswik.CAD provides a simple, modern and intuitive CAD-style interface for users.

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