Download Eriksson ETPier v2.60 x64 -

Download Eriksson ETPier v2.60 x64

Download Eriksson ETPier v2.60 x64 - ETPier is a high-performance Windows-based program for the design and analysis of highway bridge piers, bents, and buffers. ETPier seamlessly combines the functions of a sophisticated structural analysis engine with the ability to design columns, beams and concrete footings. Integrating critical design tasks into one system means you get superior productivity and flexibility and improved quality control. ETPier is specifically designed for bridge substructure. Powerful parametric modeling wizards are included to facilitate the layout and creation of fast structures.

ETPier v2.60 x64

Determine which loading combination will be investigated and ETPier will automatically process it and quickly identify government cases for each component of the structure. Under the hood is a structural analysis engine that changes performance. The 3D analysis capability is actually integrated. Non-linear second order effects are handled at the matrix level to dramatically cut processing time. The result: complete analysis can be done in real-time in seconds, not minutes or hours. Fast and accurate.

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