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Thursday, July 08, 2021

Download Ikon Science RokDoc v6.6.0.290

Download Ikon Science RokDoc v6.6.0.290 RokDoc defines Quantitative Exploration and Development. RokDoc is a comprehensive Quantitative Interpretation (QI) platform. Designed to be robust and easy to use, RokDoc is the number one QI platform of choice by oil companies around the world.

RokDoc provides translators with access to rock physics, advanced modeling, seismic inversion, geopressure, advanced quantitative reservoir analysis, and geomechanics. This allows the asset team to maximize the value of available data and regional knowledge.

RokDoc was made possible by an ongoing partnership between Ikon Science and major oil companies as well as more than 170 companies who directly support its development. Software and Content: RokDoc works with Icon Roknow's regional study and information from the Icon MetaStore to provide a content-based context for starting new projects.

Ikon Science RokDoc v6.6.0.290

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