Download Open Pit Metals Solution v3.0 x 64 -

Download Open Pit Metals Solution v3.0 x 64

Open Pit Metals Solution v3.0 x 64 – OPMS is a strategic scheduling solution specially developed for open metal mines. It allows you to schedule automatically, manually or a combination of both.
The tedious planning work disappears with automated and handy mining rules that take into account bench access and drop-cut locations, and you can automatically generate or manually design production ramps, trims, and blasts on each bench.

OPMS is 100% script-free and consists of predefined logic which, when combined with mining engineer knowledge, automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve in one or more mining operations.
Open Pit Metals Solution
OPMS enables Mine Planners to respond quickly to the market and maximize output, with the ability to generate multiple scenarios and schedules.
OPMS features a process-based user interface that guides the user step-by-step through the scheduling process. It takes the power of RPM's industry-leading scheduling product, XPAC and delivers it in a streamlined, strategy-focused solution. 
Open Pit Metals Solution
This key benefit was the driving force behind Anglo America's Kumba Iron Ore division's decision to purchase OPMS after an in-depth market evaluation. OPMS puts everything in one place and automates data consistency and validation in off-the-shelf products.

The simplified user interface turns complex exercises into a fast, simple and iterative scheduling process. Given that they, like many organizations, have limited time to make decisions.
OPMS allows them to run multiple scenarios in minutes instead of days, enabling their technicians to make informed recommendations. Script removal dramatically reduces product deployment time and complexity.

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