Datamine NPVS 1.0.51 x64 -

Datamine NPVS 1.0.51 x64

Download Datamine NPVS 1.0.51 x64 Studio NPVS is a complete strategic open pit mine planning system simulation, on the physical design and production schedule of the mine. Studio NPVS is unique in the mining industry as the only strategic mine planning system that optimizes these two elements in search of maximum NPV.

Datamine NPVS 1.0.51 x64

NPVS Studio has functionality that includes data preparation, pit optimization, pushback generation, cut-off grade optimization, scheduling, haul analysis and stockpile management. In addition, the Studio NPVS family of products has the full power of the common mining packages provided by the Datamine Studio core platform.

The advanced system caters for alternative techniques beyond NPV for pit optimization to account for material blending requirements, or to maximize mine life. The innovative pushback generator provides the most practical pushback of any competing product and the scheduling capabilities include optimization techniques that look ahead throughout the life of the mine as opposed to considering only one period at a time.

Datamine NPVS 1.0.51 x64

Determining Pushback Shapes
The pushback is based on the LG phase, but practical mining requires careful shaping of the final pushback shape. Studio NPVS based the pushback on the LG phase, but also optimized the shape of the pushback for practical mining, while maintaining the maximum possible NPV.

Visualisation, Animation & Reporting
NPVS Studio provides a wide variety of reporting and visualization options and formats, from full reports with customizable content to life-of-mine 3D animations rendered.

Haulage Analyser/Optimiser
Easily determine the right truck fleet. Track the tons-kilometers required to mine the resource and then adjust the schedule over several years to minimize trucking hours and limit fluctuations in truck fleet size.

Mine Flow Optimiser (MFO)
MFO increases NPV by optimizing cut-off grade. It adjusts the schedule to create more value by mining the higher grade or ore earlier in the schedule when it exceeds the costs of removing or stockpiling lower grade ore.

Material Allocation Optimiser (MAO)
Re-allocate processing of each block (leach plant, mill, stockpile, waste, etc.) to optimize multiple product mixes (eg iron ore) where production targets and product specifications can be mixed from different inputs.

Flexible Material Scheduler (FMS)
Material allocation scheduler and optimizer - it determines block extraction times and goals for all material types in a block. Scheduling and optimization takes place from period to period, where the 'period' is implicitly defined by the production target; for example, the minimum tons to be mined.

Multimine Scheduler
The Multimine Scheduler solves the problem of simultaneously optimizing multiple mines to meet co-production goals. Its flexible scalability makes it applicable to scenarios that range from a group of holes in the same location to regional mining complexes.

Geo-Risk Assessment (GRA)
GRA manages the uncertainty inherent in grade distribution interpolation by considering conditionally simulated block models in the strategic planning process. This generates various holes with risk ratings that can be used as the basis for strategic planning – limiting the impact of uncertainty levels on planning outcomes.

Datamine NPVS 1.0.51 x64

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